Dog Found After Years of Absence Is Overjoyed To See Best Friend


Earlier last month, volunteers at an animal shelter in Ukraine brought in a big stray dog with blue eyes who was obviously not having a good time living on the streets. His malnourished physique and scraggly coat gave away the numerous struggles he’d gone through.

The dog already had a home, but rescuers were determined to give him a new, happy one. And he was terribly missed by that person.


The day the dog was brought in, his photo was taken and posted online to seek out potential adopters.

Given his condition, and the time that would be required to return him to health, it might have seemed unlikely for the poor pup to garner much interest — but the sadness in his eyes struck a chord.

Within hours, the post was shared hundreds of times by people around the world.


The difference was entirely due to those social media shares.

Two days later, a lady whose dog had been taken from her yard in 2017 phoned the animal shelter. She was astounded by how strikingly similar the dog looked to her lost pooch after receiving the post from the shelter.

Galina Lekunova, who works at the shelter, told The Dodo that the woman had been hunting for her dog for two years. But is he really this?

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