Foxes In The Rescue Are Happy To See A Special Treat Donated Just For Them


Rescue fox inhabitants at Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary in the United Kingdom looked to be becoming more and more excited as the weather started to chill and the leaves started to turn orange. They were looking forward to one of their favorite annual pleasures.

They soon saw it: mountains of crunchy leaves that had been donated to the refuge for the amusement of the foxes.

A spokeswoman from Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary told The Dodo that “the foxes usually enjoy fall foliage every year.” They take pleasure in playing in the leaves and foraging and sniffing among the piles. It provides a straightforward yet valuable enrichment.


One crafty fox in particular, Beau, had a great time using a tire as a trampoline, rocketing him further into the leaf pile.

The rescue foxes saw falling leaves as a fresh, exciting opportunity for play, whereas most people view them as a natural décor or even a nuisance.

The sanctuary spokesperson replied, “They probably appreciate them since it is a change from the usual that gives a fresh stimulus for them to interact with.


When the sanctuary asked for leaf donations, it wasn’t long before local schools stepped up to help. Children had a blast collecting the best leaves to give to the grateful foxes.

Sanctuary staff are thrilled that people care about the happiness of their rescue animals. Seemingly, the foxes are equally delighted.

“It always warms the heart,” the representative said. “[It] makes every volunteer here happy to see the foxes enjoying themselves.”

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